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Best Doctors For Liposuction In Lahore Pakistan.

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Best Liposuction Surgeons In Lahore Pakistan

Liposuction In Lahore, Pakistan is a relatively new field of cosmetic surgery and thus the purpose of this website is to educate the consumer or the general public by answering the most common questions about the basics of liposuction, like, what is liposuction, what is the purpose of liposuction, selection of the appropriate candidate for liposuction, who can benefit from liposuction, side effects of liposuction, bad candidates for liposuction, cost of liposuction in Lahore, Pakistan, different methods of liposuction, what are the different methods of liposuction, which method of liposuction is the safest, is liposuction dangerous, is liposuction safe, can we lose weight with liposuction, different body areas which can be treated with liposuction like liposuction of the face, liposuction of the abdomen, liposuction of the hips, liposuction of the thighs, and showing some before and after pictures of liposuction of real patients in Pakistan, to give the consumers an idea as to what can really be achieved by the best liposuction surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan.

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Which Type Of Liposuction Is Available There?

On the whole, the entire treatment of liposuction is generally the same everywhere. However, the prime difference between is types is anesthesia. Fortunately, at famous Cosmetique Clinic, the professional best liposuction surgeons in Lahore, Pakistan reliably provide both kinds of liposucion that are :

Best Liposuction Surgeon In Lahore, Paksitan

On the other hand, soft-hearted people who can’t see the surgery being done live, and can easily handle the effects of anesthesia usually go for liposuction with it. Now, when it comes to anesthetic surgeries, there are two further options of types of anesthesia for individuals. Those include

1. Local anesthesia

2. General anesthesia

Typically, the best liposuction surgeons in Lahore, Pakistan usually give local anesthesia to their patients as its effect is lighter than general anesthesia. Also, the doctor first takes into account the patient’s health and sensibility before giving anesthesia for liposuction.

Which Technique Do Cosmetique Surgeons Usually Follow ?

The best liposuction surgeons in Lahore, Pakistan at Cosmetique clinic are considered the best because they have no self-concerns. Instead, they brief the entire treatment procedure to the patients during the initial free consultation and then ask for their own priorities and choices of the way they want to have any particular treatment. This means that the choice is all of the patients whether they want to have liposuction with or without anesthesia. Either technique performed, the results are the same. Also, the top skin specialists of Cosmetique clinic try to perform their best to sculpt the patient’s natural body curves and enhance their overall body physique, while making them look more attractive and charming than ever before.


Liposuction is an effective fat removal technique that is getting popular each upcoming day not only in Pakistan but all over the world. In this technique, stubborn fat that is accumulated in the body’s problematic areas and is hard to get rid of is removed surgically with the help of extremely thin pipes named cannulas. Almost any area that has become disproportionate to some extent because of excessive fat accumulation can be treated by liposuction in Lahore. However, many patients usually fear to go under general or local anesthesia, maybe due to significant health concerns, so they generally tend to look for the best liposuction surgeons in Lahore, Pakistan.

Meet Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan

Best Liposuction Surgeon In Lahore, Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan is one of the world-renowned and acknowledged top doctors, skin specialists, and best liposuction surgeons in Lahore, Pakistan. In fact, if we say that he has been a successful pioneer in the medical field for the past several years, it would not be wrong. Till now, he has handled many skin and health care procedures, most of which were a major success for him. Moreover, he guarantees safe clinical procedures to all his clients and customers and ensures to enhance their beauty and improve their health concerns. Whether it is the matter of relief from unwanted fat, fine lines, or wrinkles, or you need a mini facelift or facial rejuvenation, he is always available at the Cosmetique clinic to assist his patients in their hour of need.

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Liposuction is a very fine surgery in which fat (Lipo- pronounced as LAI-PO) is removed from underneath the skin by performing “suction” – thus the name Lipo (fat) & suction – liposuction. Liposuction is not a new invention. It has been around for more than 4 decades as 2 friends – a general surgeon and a gynecologist invented in France, while working in operation theaters by using a suction device while trying to suck the difficult to suck fat in an obese patient. This invention led to the latest technique of liposuction that was further refined by plastic and dermatologic surgeons in the United States over the next 4 decades. Soon after this technique was invented, many surgeons started to perform liposuction on various parts if the body but generally the abdomen was the most focused area, and thus liposuction of the abdomen became the most commonly treated area with liposuction. Later this technique was refined and other areas like double chin, jowels, chest, back, thighs, love handles, chest, breast, medial knees, arms, and calf area were successfully started to be treated using liposuction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liposuction ?

  1. Liposuction used to be a dangerous surgery when it was invented few decades ago and stayed as such for many years simply owing to the fact that when the fat was suctioned from underneath the skin, a lot of blood used to be sucked with it, causing major blood loss, shock and ultimately death in many patients. Thus the patients were admitted in intensive care units in the hospitals after the liposuction where fluids and even blood needed to be transfused to make up for the lost blood during the dangerous old method of liposuction. Since the old procedure was painful, patients needed to be under general anesthesia and thus general anesthesia was used. The problem with general anesthesia were three mainly, especially if used during liposuction, First, it puts the patient’s sense of pain to almost zero even if something is inadvertently pierced during the surgery like integral abdominal organs as the patients is ‘completely out of it’ or cannot feel anything during the surgery. The downside of this ‘complete loss of sensation’ was that even if some important body organ like the gut was about to be pierced inadvertently, patient’s ‘sense of emergency pain’ was lost due to general anesthesia. In simple words we wanted patient not to feel the pain during liposuction but still wanted the patient to maintain the sense of sensation in the abdominal organs, lso the patient can tell the doctor the minute these important areas are even touched, let alone get damaged during liposuction. Even under latest method of anesthesia called as ‘light sedation’ (twilight sleep) , patient immediately starts to move if any pain is sensed by the patient’s body. This latest method of light sedation solved the problem of general anesthesia, making liposuction safe in the years to come. Second problem was the blood loss, as the fat and blood vessels were intertwined under the skin so closely, that doctors could not suction the fat without blood being suctioned simultaneously. Two great dermatologists and friends in the United States named Dr. Emil Bisaccia and Dr. Dwight Scarborough thought though it and discovered a unique solution of numbing the skin and the area locally where the liposuction needed to be performed, avoiding the need of general anesthesia but also to constrict the blood vessels to stop the blood loss while still suctioning the fat out. Another great dermatologist reached the exact same conclusion as the solution to the dangers of liposuction and named the method as “tumescent liposuction”. While Both Bisaccia/Scarborough were working the solution out on the east coast of the United States in New Jersey and Ohio, Dr. Jeffery Klein was trying to invent the exact same method on the west coast in California. Both succeeded in inventing the same latest method “tumescent technique” of liposuction, but Klein succeeded to get the paper published first, and was named as the inventor on this method as Bisaccia and Scarborough’s research paper was published later. Nevertheless, these dermatologists were the brains behind this great revolutionary method of modern day’s safe liposuction called “tumescent liposuction” that is being performed today throughout the world. So here are the answers to the frequency asked Questions:

 Yes. In the safest method of liposuction called “tumescent” liposuction, a very dilute fluid containing numbing medicine lidocaine and a blood vessel constrictor epinephrine is injected underneath the skin making the skin “tense” or ‘tumesced” thus calling it “tumescent method” as well. The numbing of the area locally obviates the need of general anesthesia with it’s attendant side effects while blood vessel constriction prior to liposuction makes the blood loss to almost zero, making the technique one of the safest techniques Alhamdulillah in the world of cosmetic surgery.:

No. With the latest technique of “tumescent liposuction, the area is numbed and additional ‘light sedation” can be given under the care of a highly qualified anesthetist to put patient under a ‘twilight sleep’, making it even more pleasant experience with almost zero discomfort during the surgery and even no discomfort or very mild discomfort even after the surgery and during recovery, as the area stays numb for the next few days to few weeks. 

Yes. Alhamdullilah, prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan is probably of the best liposuction surgeons not only in Pakistan but in the world as well, because he is a certified and a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine, just like Dr. Jeffery Klein and knows the basic human physiology as well as body as a whole, and then specialized in Dermatology and finally subspecialized in Cosmetic Surgery. This breadth of basic as well as advanced understanding gives him a unique advantage Alhamdulillah. Prof. Azim works at Institute Cosmetique, which is certified by American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) for the fellowship training in the fields of Dermatologic Surgery and Cosmetic dermatology. This is the only center in Pakistan and of the four centers in the world with this unique honor. A lot of our international patients ask us this frequent question “is the liposuction surgery safe in Lahore”?  and the answer is absolutely yes Alhamdulillah, as long as you chose the right place and a competent doctor. 

Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah (God), Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan is the best liposuction surgeon in Pakistan, and possibly amongst the top few in the world. Please see his qualifications and research papers published in the world literature here. He is certified by American Board of Internal Medicine, American Board of dermatology, American Academy of Cosmetic surgery, American Society for dermatologic surgery, and American society for liposuction surgery and American society for Hair restoration surgery. He is Professor of dermatology and dermatologic cosmetic surgery and has an overall post MBBS experience of more than 32 years, having around 15 years spent in the United States. He has been consistently ranked among the best doctors in the United States and has been named three years in a row in the Who’s Who in the United States and then Who’s Who in the World, Alhamdulillah. Although the outcome rests in the hands of Allah but knowing your doctor’s qualifications and experience is always a good thing. 

It varies between PKR100,00 to 500,000, depending upon three factors. How big of area is going to be liposuctioned, what method of liposuction will be used and finally who is going to be the surgeon and which operation theatre is going to be used having which anesthetist? Smaller the, lower the cost and larger the area, bigger the price tag. Tumescent liposuction costs more as more refined equipment with more expensive medications need to be used but it a small price to pay as compared to the safety of this procedure. 

 Alhamdulillah, usually there are no side effects of liposuction, if done in a carefully selected patient who can benefit from liposuction, and performed by tumescent technique, by a properly qualified dermatologic or plastic surgeon with specialized training in liposuction in an accredited or properly equipped operation theatre. Very rarely, pain, extended numbing of the treated area, lose skin and infection may occur but these are extremely rare occurrences with the Mercy of Allah (God), in properly qualified hands.

You need to make an appointment for consultation with one of our doctors by calling our UAN 03-111-077-111. If you are in Lahore or can visit one of our three conveniently located branches in DHA, Gulberg or Johar Town, that would be great, as we can assess the overall health, the area to do liposuction on, the quality of skin to see it will contract and snap back after the fat is suctioned, not causing any redundant or loose skin, and finally the time, cost and post operative care involved. We would answer all questions you may have during this consultation and may even suggest against liposuction if your general health or habitus does not allow a safe procedure. For example, if you are morbidly obese or have not tried any diet or exercise at all to control your weight or body shape, we may encourage you to take them into consideration first, before resorting to a liposuction procedure.

Patient reaches our state-of-the-art best liposuction center in Lahore, Pakistan  at the Institute Cosmetique in beautiful location of DHA, Lahore at around 9-10 am in the morning, empty stomach overnight and we go over the procedure, pre =operative, operative and post-operative details. We recommend strictly not to take anything by mouth the night before surgery called as ‘NPO’ or ‘nothing per oral’ for at least 8 hours before surgery. If your procedure is completely under local anesthesia vs a combination of local and mild sedation, our doctors will tell you few days before hand what to do the night before surgery including certain preparations and medications that need to be stated before surgery or the medications that need to be stopped before surgery. For example, we usually tell patients to stop oral blood thinners before most surgeries, expert in special circumstances, when these medications must be taken even during surgery. Once re-assessed and areas marked with special markers, patients are prepared in a sterile manner in the operating suite and local anesthesia with or without mild sedation is instituted under the strictly supervision of a highly qualified anesthetist. Our best liposuction surgeons in Lahore, will perform the liposuction and subsequently special compression garments are applied to the treated area which need to be worn by the patient for a few days to few weeks. All the exact details will be communicated to the patient and patient can go home within a couple of hours after the surgery is finished. We usually ask patients for a follow up visit next days and then in a couple of days, a couple of weeks and finally in a couple of months to ensure their safe revery and improvement.

It depends on the extent of the area involved. If it is just the liposuction of the double chin or jowels, it may take only an hour, vs. liposuction of the abdomen may take 2-3 hours to complete. But considering the preparation of the patient before surgery and then keeping under the patient observation before letting the patient go home, we may require the patient to stay with at Institute Cosmetique for better part of the day. Patient may stay with us from 9am till 8pm in most cases and then be comfortably discharged to stay at home and see us next day for post operative care.

Usually around 50% improvement can be seen immediately, but it may not be visible as the swelling may take the place of the fat for the time being. Once swelling subsides, you may be able to see the 80% improvement in the first 3-6 months and final outcome may take as long as 12 months and the lose skin after removal of the fat may take up to a year to keep on contracting back to its original position. In general, 6 months are required to see a very reasonable improvement, although most of our patients are very satisfied and happy at the end of the first month after liposuction. 

Weight loss is not the goal of liposuction. Once fat is removed from under the skin, a proportionate contour can be easily achieved, and obvious bulge can be reduced and any disproportionate body shape can be improved to a more proportionate look. If you are good from head to toes but certain areas bulge out of proportion like abdomen, arms, double chin and jowels, lateral hips or thighs, then you are a good candidate for liposuction. If you are obese head to toe, then other options like weight loss by dieting, gastric sleeve excision, gastric bypass or gastric balloon are the methods for obesity reduction. Our dedicated website contains all the details about the various options to get the best weight loss treatment in Lahore Pakistan. 

Yes. It is the most effective treatment for double chin in most cases but other less invasive treatments using Kybella in Lahore, Pakistan or fat loss injection in Lahore Pakistan, and finally  HIFU in Lahore, Pakistan has become very popular too, owing to non-surgical nature of the treatment. 

No, most likely. Any area where we perform liposuction on, usually does not re-accumulate fat as most of the fat cells are removed during liposuction, and the remaining fat cells, even though can swell after accumulating fat, con not occupy the vast space where most of the fat was removed during the liposuction surgery. So even though it will be extremely unlikely to get the fat again in the liposuctioned area, you may get fat accumulation elsewhere on the body, should you continue to eat unhealth calorie rich diet.

No. In most cases, skin has the recoil to snap back after the liposuction, just a female gets the abdominal skin retracted after a childbirth. Most females do not have a hanging lose skin after a even a few childbirths, but some do. Same is the case with liposuction, but in majority of cases, skin gets contracted, and no removal of skin is needed. In rare cases we may opt to remove skin at a later date in a separate surgery like in tummy tuck.

We usually recommend to focus on 1-2 areas in one go. In this way keeping the “on table” time limited, most of the surgical complications can be and should be avoided. Remember, multiple small surgeries are safer than one big surgery involving multiple procedures. 

Yes. Lateral hips are a very big problem area in Indo-Pakistani population and most of the patients are extremely satisfied with liposuction of the hips in Lahore, Pakistan, as we get many international and expatriate patients seeking this treatment. 

Many. In most patients a few to many inches can be lost on abdominal or hip liposuction which are the most bulging areas in most candidates. Remember, more bulge means more fat usually, which translates into more improvement after liposuction. In short, liposuction is an ‘inches loss” procedure rather than a weight loss procedure. 

It depends. If you were otherwise fit, healthy and at an ideal body weight before liposuction with only few bulges that got corrected with liposuction as they were stubborn fatty deposits, then probably no special dieting will be required. But if you are overweight to begin with and liposuction took care of your stubborn area, then you should be asked to continue with diet plan to get rid of the fat elsewhere on your body or maintain your overall weight to keep the rewards of liposuction maintained. 

No. most patient see us a few times after liposuction with no long term follow-up needed in most cases. Pleasantly, we have a lot of patients who continue their follow up for a journey of ‘new you’ as they continue to explore more options to bring the best of themselves out using the latest minimally invasive and non-surgical techniques to enhance their beauty of face, eyes, lips, breasts, hand and feet, as keeping yourself looking good is a journey and not a destination, that most of our clientele enjoys as we steer them through the latest non-surgical and minimally surgical antiaging and rejuvenation options available in the world today.

Yes, absolutely. Alhamdulillah, Lahore has some of the most qualified doctors in the world in almost every field and so is the case with liposuction. Liposuction in Lahore, Pakistan is as safe as it is in the Us or most of the European countries as our doctors at Institute Cosmetique have studied, been trained and qualified in the United states with a track record of competence, compassion, care and safety, from some of the finest institutions in the world. At Institute Cosmetique you can rest assured that you will get not only the best liposuction in Lahore, Pakistan , by some of the best liposuction surgeons in Lahore, Pakistan but it may rival with some of the best centers for liposuction surgery in the world. Please pay us a visit as the old dictum goes ‘seeing is believing’. Have a happy liposuction. 

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